Smart rear light

We present you the LED smart rear bike light!

Based on LED tecnology and lithium rechargeble battery, this is compact but bright bike light will make your night time rides safe and predictable.

The rear light has seatpost mount system, or can be  mounted on your helmet, and include micro-usb cable to charge it.

This is a smart rear light, and it can work in Auto or Manual mode. This means you dont need to turn it ON or OFF, it will do it automaticaly as you start and finish your ride! So you will never forget to turn rear light ON again!

When it’s ON, the light has 6 working modes: Steady (17hours of work time), Breath flash, Slow flash, Fast flash, Rythm flash, Eco flash (54 hours of work time!!!)! We tested it!

Also the light will shine brighter when you brake to showw riders or cars behind that you slow down!!

This bike light is water proof so you can use it in any weather.

It can be easly removed from the seatpost in 5 seconds, so you dont need to leave it on a bike, that prevent it from being stolen! It weigt is only 45g!

It is high quality and compact light for a very good price!

You can use it on a bike, helmet, tike trailer, any other place!

if you need even more light you can instal 2 lights!


Free shipping worldwide!

More info on photos below!

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