Where can we deliver Radlicht?

The delivery is cost-free to every country! We send with Deutsche post and you get tracking number. You dont pay for delivery anything.

Will it fit my bike?

Radlicht tubes are 17cm standart, but we can make any size that will fit 20” and larger bike wheels with spokes. It is possible to install two Radlicht sets on one wheel in order to increase illumination or to mix two Radlicht of different colors on a single wheel.
Hubs: Maximum hub diameter is 90mm (2.7 inches).

How much does it cost, and where can I buy it?

Radlicht ™ set (2  wheels bike lighting system, or 2 diferrent bike) will retail for 49 Euro.

How long does a battery charge last?

Radlicht works for more than 30+ hours on 3xAA batteries set.

How Heavy Is It?

wheelscreen weight

How easily can Radlicht be stolen?

Preventing thievery was an important consideration during the design phase. As Radlicht ™ consists of a solid connected together light tubes, when you lock up your bike and wheels, you’re also locking up your Radlicht!

 Can Radlicht handle snow conditions and extreme cold?

The electronics are fully sealed and coated, effectively isolating them from the environment.

Can I buy tubes or other parts separetly?

 Absolutly yes! Contact us with email, we are glad to help you.